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March 08, 2019

We all read the labels, but do we know actually understand what they mean?
In this first article, we are going to focus on what makes a quality bedsheet standout and why it is important to read the labels carefully so we don’t end up paying more than we have to.
A bit of biology:
“Gossypium barbadense”, also known as extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, is a species of cotton plant that has been cultivated to have ELS fibres – fibres longer than 34 millimetres (1 38 in) – which are associated with high quality cotton cloth.”
All cottons differ in terms of the length of their fiber or “staple”, these are the tiny strands that make up a piece of cotton.
A common type of cotton, Upland, is made of a short staple fibers that is usually quite reasonably priced.
The long staple cottons includes Egyptian cotton and pima cotton. These cottons are renowned for their superior quality thanks to the length of the fiber, hence why they are part of the long staple family.
The longer the cotton fiber is, the softer and stronger the fabric will be, making them the most sought after.
*WARNING*: Sleeping on bedsheets this cozy may make you extremely late for work!
Not only will long-staple cotton ensure you get a comfortable night sleep but it also provides you with a luxurious feelguaranteed to last.
So why should we choose long staple cotton? Well, besides its fantastic durability long staple cotton is a lot softer and gentle on the skin.
For those of you with children, keeping them safe and warm is paramount. Long staple cotton will not only keep them warm during those cold winter nights, but you will also find that is very bacteria resistant, environmentally friendly and natural.
We care about our customers and providing you with the best and safest products are at the very top of our priorities. That’s why we use plant fibres which contains no chemical. As such, they don’t cultivate bacteria easily.
Spoil yourself and your loved ones with good quality bed sheets that are unrivaled in durability and comfort.

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