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March 18, 2019

With so many different bed sheets and fabrics to choose from, finding the perfect bedding can be tough.

How do you choose between the cool and crisp finish of percale and the smooth, luxurious feeling of sateen?

Below, we will do our best to help guide you towards the perfect night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.



A must-have for any home, especially during the warm summer months. The breathability and cool crisp sensation of percale comes from its smooth plain weave. This is the standard type of weave that gives fabric a simple matte finish (300 thread counts here).

Cotton percale is an extremely popular fabric, as it combines strength and breathability that makes it a popular choice for any sleepers. 



Luxury, elegance and silky finish. This is the only way to sum up our perfectly crafted sateen bedsheets.

Just as our Percale, our Sateen is 100% made of long-staple cotton (350 thread counts). The main difference lies in its weave (plain vs Sateen-styled). The typical Sateen weave create an even softer feel and is perfect for sleepers who tend to get cold at night.


The Verdict

Unfortunately, there is no clear winner in this two-horse race but only because they’re both pretty amazing! Some may prefer to use Percale in the warmer half of the year and Sateen in the colder half. Others have their clear favorite they use all year-long!  

Whether you’re preparing the guest room or giving your own room a well-deserved make-over, we hope that we have helped put you on the right track to finding the perfect sheets.

Both our Percale and Sateen lines start at $79 for a Duvet Cover and $99 for a Sheet Set.

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